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Menu of Services and Rates

MENU OF MASSAGE SERVICES                          

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage

A full body massage focusing on relaxation, while promoting the benefits of circulation and over all well being including stress, headache and tension relief.

60 min session: $75              90 min session: $110

Deep Tissue/Chronic Pain/Injury Relief

Focusing primarily on specific issues, muscle tension, trigger points, lactic acid build up (knots).  A Deep Tissue Massage can also be a full body massage with enhanced pressure in order to resolve pain and discomfort as needed.

30 min session: $45 for intense deep tissue/ 60 min session: $75/  90 min $110

Couples Massage

Enjoy either a relaxation or deep tissue massage, or a combination of both in our beautiful new space.  You will receive the benefits of massage therapy within a comfortable, peaceful environment.  Separate changing rooms with plenty of space and privacy.  Schedule with either Michael, and one of our female massage therapists, or with two female therapists.

60 minute:  $75 per person                       90 minute: $110 per person.

Sports Massage

Pre and post event treatment, and/or injury relief.   We will assess and address your injury as needed.  Sports Massage is also a great way to maintain your body's function, strength and overall well being.  

30-60 min sessions based on body assessment/needs.  

Other types of treatment offered

Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis (tennis and golfers elbow)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome    

Headache ~ Migraine relief/ ~ TMJD


*Hot towel treatment, aromatherapy, and pain relief products are included at no additional cost with massages.


Facials with Natalie

Pumpkin Apple Fall Facial (NEW) ($75.00)
A new exciting Fall facial that will help to revive Summer skin. Packed with nutritious pumpkin and rejuvenating apple wine extract. Tightens, firms, infuses skin with potent antioxidant support.

Pumpkin Apple Fall Peel (NEW) ($75.00)
Awaken skin to the flavors of Fall! Rhonda Allison uses natural benefits of apples and pumpkins to firm and tone for a refined look while nourishing and brightening dull summer skin.

EBN Signature Spa Facial ($70.00)
Breathe in the rich aromatic scents as your skin is treated with a customized selection of products specifically for you. Included is an enzyme treatment, a mask and a neck, shoulder and either a foot or hand treatment.

Back Facial 60 min. ($50.00)
A smoothing, softening, detoxifying and hydrating treatment of the back. The anti-bacterial properties in the formulation are excellent in correcting problematic skin of the back

Rhonda Allison Chemical Peels ($80.00)
Receive a chemical peel that is right for you skin's condition. Sensitive/Rosacea; Dry/Aging; and Acne/Pigment issue formulations. ~One peel $80, 2 peels $120, 4 peels $200 Included with this package is a free post-peel kit worth $25.

The Uplift Facial ($85.00)
Turn back the clock! Includes a double enzyme exfoliation that deeply cleanses skin; a stimulating protein mask and a luxury hand treatment. Using the most elite products, skin will be hydrated, toned, and lifted. 90 minutes

Rosacea Facial ($75.00)
Seeing red??? Reduce inflammation and bring about a healthier look with antibacterial support and cellular rejuvenation. Capillaries will be strengthened and lines will be minimized for smoother, younger skin.

Anti Ex-Fusion Facial ($75.00)
Ex-foliate skin for a brilliant luster while antioxidants infuse skin with essential moisture, nourishment and protection. Skin will glow and feel instantly firmer as peptides and antioxidants tone skin

Lighten and Brighten Treatment ($75.00)
Lighten and brighten skin while infusing it with potent age-reducing antioxidants. Experience the rejuvenating benefits of collagen boosting peptides, marine collagen, and Vitamin C. Skin will glow with new youth!

Revitalize Treatment, express ($50.00)  A combination of papaya puree & extracts of  lemon, orange & apple to brighten a dull complexion to a healthy glow. Green tea, vitamin E & honey reverse damage & draw moisture to the skin.

Pumpkin Peel, express ($50.00)  A powerful antioxidant treatment that brightens and rejuvenates the skin. Salicylic acid loosens and clears away dead surface cells, while the rich nutrient contents in this treatment infuse the skin with high levels of vitamin C and A. 30 minutes.

The Hydrator, express ($50.00)  This unique scientific express treatment utilizes oat extracts, cucumber, and arnica to help calm, hydrate and soothe dry and sensitive skin.

Detox Gel Treatment, express ($50.00)  A blend of lactic, glycolic & salicylic acids effectively penetrates pores to dissolve impactions and blackheads.


Waxing  with Natalie                                                                                                            

Eyebrow wax ($10.00)                                                                                               

Full back 50min. ($50.00)               

Upper lip wax 15min. ($8.00)                                                                              

Lower Leg Wax 30min. ($35.00)

Underarm wax ($10.00) 

Bikini line 30min. ($15.00) For any hair that is outside the panty line.                                       

Bikini narrow ($35.00) This waxing is done an inch before panty line, leaving a narrow strip.